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Leros island located in the Dodecanese islands south east of Patmos and south of Lipsi. Leros has a population of ca. 8000 people and covers about 53 The coast line of Leros has many coves and capes as well as many wonderful beaches. Platanos is the capital of the island  but in fact is connected with Agia Marina. In Platanos you will find the city hall, the public library and other services like the KEP (centre of civil services) of Leros as well as the National Bank, shops, solicitors and architects offices and the main news agency. In the square of Platanos there is a nice cafeteria, a photography shop, boutiques, supermarkets, green grosser shops, kiosks and souvlaki shops. From Platanos on the north side of the square is the road that leads to the Castle made of 300 steps about. Another one way  road goes down to Agia Marina from the upper side of Platanos square.Agia Marina is the main port for the hydrofoils and the Catamaran as well as for smaller boats that go for day trips to islands like Patmos, Lipsi and other small islands near Leros. In Agia Marina there is a branch of the Agriculture bank of Greece, the tax department offices, travel agencies, hardware shops and of course many bars and cafeterias because Agia Marina is the centre of the nightlife in Leros. There is a large parking at the port. During the day in Agia Marina you will find fresh fishes at the open fish market. The hydrofoil connects Leros with Samos, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalymnos and Kos and the Catamaran of the Dodekanissos seaways with all the above islands as well as Rhodes, Symi etc.

Panteli is connected also with Platanos and Agia Marina, in fact those three location is like a town north and south of the Castle of Leros. Panteli is a typical fishermen's village that the last 30 years has been developed as one of the most popular places on Leros. In Panteli you will find many fish taverns and restaurants, cafes and bars as well as many accommodations. There is a marina, mainly for the fishing boats but many yachts use Panteli as an anchorage.

Alinda and Krithoni are some of the main tourist resorts of the island with many hotels and other accommodations. the beach of Alinda is very popular among young people and is well organised, near by there are many restaurants, eateries, bars, cafes, tourist shops and mini markets as well as bike and car hire places. In Alinda you will find the Belenis Tower that is been used as a museum. At the beginning of Alinda is located the second world war cemetery of the British forces and some 500 meters away is the German one. Leros was the field of huge battles during the WW II that stayed in history as the Battle of Leros. In the War museum of Leros in Laki at Merkies you will see many interesting remains from the war time.

Lakki or Laki is the main port of Leros,  in Laki arriving all the big ferries from Pireus (Athens) and the other Dodecanese islands, every Sunday there are connections from Leros to Mykonos and twice in the week with Syros, Paros and Amorgos in the Cyclades. Lakki is the most natural port in the East Mediterranean and for that reason it was used by the Italians as their main naval base in the Dodecanese during their occupation of Leros. the Italians have build Lakki with huge roads and wonderful buildings in Art Deco architectural style. In Laki you will find many shops, restaurants, cafeterias and 2 marinas as well as the football stadium of Leros, the main hospital,  bakeries, travel agents, mobile telephony shops and petrol stations.

An interesting resort of the island is Xerokampos to the south where there is a nice beach and daily connections to Kalymnos. Gourna in the west of the island has a huge sand beach. The area of Plefuti and Partheni in the north , where is located the airport of Leros that connects Leros with Athens with daily flights from the Athens airport in Spata. In Plefuti you will find a very nice and long pebble beach. Kamara has been developed the recent years a main urban area of Leros, Kamara is located on the road between Alinda and Partheni. In the west part of the island in both sides of the beach of Gurna are Drimonas to the south and Kokali with Agios Isidoros to the north. On the way to Laki from Gourna is the area of Plaka with nice panoramic views over the island. Leros is the perfect island for family holidays and ideal for all those that they want relaxing holidays in a wonderful Greek island. In Leros you wont find the massive tourism like in other mainly touristic Greek islands like Kos, Rhodes, Santorini, Corfu or Crete, If you travel to the Greek islands Leros is a hidden paradise in the Dodecanese.


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