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Λακκι - Lakki

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Το μεγαλυτερο φυσικο λιμανι του νησιου, της Ελλαδας και ολης της ανατολικης μεσογειου ειναι το Λακκι. Εχει την οψη τεραστιας λιμνης, η οποια αφηνει ενα ανοιγμα μολις 400 μετρων στην πλευρα της θαλασσας. Το φυσικο αυτο του χαρισμα ηταν και ο λογος που ονομαστικε Port Lago απο τους Ιταλους και επιλεχτηκε ως ναυσταθμος τους.

Ο οικισμος του Λακκιου αλλαξε μορφη με την εγκατασταση Ιταλων που αρχισε το 1923. Νεα μεγαλα, κτιρια χτιζονται, δρομοι κατασκεβαζονται, λιμενικα εργα εκτελουνται, χιλιαδες δεντρα φυτευονται, ανθρωποι και τοπος ποτιζονται με Ιταλικες ιδεες, κουλτουρα, αισθητικη και συνηθειες. Το Λακκι ετσι αποκτα χρωμα και υφος τελειως διαφορο απο αυτο του υπολοιπου νησιου.

Ιστορικο ενδιαφερον παρουσιαζει, η εκκλησια του Αγιου Ιωαννου του Θεολογου, απο τις αξιολογωτερες στα Δωδεκανησα, με υπεροχα ψηφιδωτα του 11ου αιωνα.

Lakki, the main harbor of Leros, lies just four kilometers southwest of Platanos; it is enclosed and secure and is one of the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. It has up-to-date harbor installations and a separate section for the servicing of pleasure craft. It has its own special flavor, completely different than the rest of the island.

Athens Greece

Lakki has a face rather foreign to the image of the island, but an uncommon and exceptionally impressive one. With its majestic buildings stretching along the harbor and built in an architectural style that is unique in land. It has broad tree- lined streets and parks all planned and brought to realization by the Italians during the period between the wars.

The Lerians have preserved these historical buildings which today are considered to be architectural masterpieces from the beginning of the 20th century; they are unique in Europe and they attract the attention of all visitors to the island.

A bit outside the town, on the way to Gourna, is the church of Ayios Joannis Theologos (St. John the Divine). It dates back to 1000 A.D. and is one of the finest of the Byzantine churches with mosaics from the XI century.

Today, Lakki has a particularly well-developed tourist infrastructure with a modern market, hotel units, restaurants and entertainment centers. It also has noteworthy quiet beaches such as Koulouki and Merikies.


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