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Leros, preserving its true traditional flavor, is today in a position to offer the highest level of tourist services to every visitor. With respect for the environment, the history and the tradition of Leros, modern hotel units, apartments to let and guest houses have been created which meet the most stringent requirements.

Here, far from the tumultuous city and its driving rhythms, and even further from the crowds at the large tourist centers, the visitor finds the peace and the recreation he is looking for. He finds a hospitable environment with all comforts and enjoys the countless beaches (Alinda, Ayia Cora, Koulouki, Morioka, Gourd, Dyoliskaria, Drymonas, Vourlidia, Panteli, Panayies, Xerokambos, Ayios Isidoros, Blefouti, Ayia Marina, Krithoni, Vromolithos), and discovers on his own the deserted sand beaches hidden among the rocks, like the one at Kryfo.

Even if you are not a fisherman, you will still certainly want to try your luck at one of the fabulous fishing spots along the island, near the many small islands, either with a rented fishing boat or the assistance of the fishermen of Leros.

Leros is even of great interest to hunters with its partridge, wild rabbit and wild pigeon. Modern seafarers will surely find refugee in one of the numberless secure bays on the island, or at Ayia Marina and Lakki. For those who want to play soccer or basketball there is a soccer field at Lakki and basketball and volleyball courts at Panteli.

Leros has well-organized markets that offer practically everything. In the old traditional buildings of Ayia Marina, Platanos and Lakki are housed the three traditional markets on the island with fresh vegetables and fish while around them are clustered grocery stores, tourist shops, jewellery shops and even boutiques.

When it comes to food you can be sure nothing will be lacking, from its small and picturesque taverns that are found on every beach to the more elegant restaurants and regular taverns. Furthermore, the sumptuous Lerian cuisine will tempt your taste buds with local fish dishes, the ‘koukouvades" fish stew, marinated fish with rosemary, salt mackerel, small pies with purred split Peas and the local soft "myzethra" cheese. There is no way you can turn, down the local sweets such as ‘pougakia", sweets stuffed with almonds and honey, "svigous",(fritters) and the lightly browned "xerotigana".

You should also sample "diasogala", a sweet drink rather like almond-milk and "gafaves", a tropical fruit found only on Leros. For the restless there is the evening Leros which shows a more brilliant, high-spirited side. Small bars, discos, and night clubs with local folk music await you at Panteli, Ayia Marina, and Lakki to fill your evenings with excitement. The worthwhile cultural events at Platanos and Lakki, organized every summer, capture the interest of every visitor as do the celebrations with their local musical and dancing groups.

This is Leros, the island of Artemis, an island of castles and Byzantine churches. With its picturesque dwellings and mansions and its buildings at Lakki from the Italian occupation, not only imposing but unique in all Europe; this is all =coupled with its secure anchorages and superb coastline. With the open hearted, merry and hospitable Lerians and and with the comforts at the most modern resorts nestled in peaceful verdant landscapes next to crystal-clear water.

Unaffected, peaceful, authentic, without any showing off, "intimate" even, Leros stands ready to welcome you and to enchant you with its charms, offering you true holidays.


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