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From antiquity to the present-day, Lerians have received a vast range of influences from both strangers and intimates who have passed through the island. Always present at critical historical events, they have consistently managed to isolate the positive and to maintain a pure tradition.

Christianity found fertile ground there and developed from its earliest period. Later Hosios Christodoulos inspired the inhabitants with deep Christian feeling.

House-proud people, warm, open-hearted and hospitable, Lerians have always loved their land and whatever has linked them to it. As islanders most of them have always been able sailors and fisherman. Few are farmers as the island is also small and there is little arable land.

But among them there were worthy artisans and master craftsmen who built the sailing craft as well as the houses. That is why today there are dozens of traditional settlements scattered around the island. They have low-ceilinged little houses, with many small beams, small windows, dazzling white walls and blue door and window frames which during the past made a strange impression on the conquerors of that time, something like the Greek flag. Bearing witness to a temperament that does not take easily to being burdened with a yoke. A temperament that does not forget. A people with an unsubdued spirit.

Present-day Lerians love and cultivate their traditions and things of the mind and spirit. The Folk and Historical Museum of The Press and Printing of Leros, with its rare exhibits, is today housed in the renovated Belenis tower. In the Archaeological Museum are displayed noteworthy finds that include inscriptions, funerary steles, coins, mosaics and pottery.

The cultural and artistic events that are organized every summer (July 15-August 30) by the Municipality, in close cooperation with local societies, include good concerts and theatrical performances, sea sport competitions, painting exhibitions and lectures.

Leros is a hospitable place ready to welcome new people, and learn new ways while remaining true and human. Modern Lerians, without betraying their customs and their traditions, have managed to combine them with the positive features of contemporary life. Thus on the one hand you will find on Leros fishermen spreading their nets out on the pier while further out a jet ski will be tearing through the sea. You will find yourself before modern tourist units that offer the full range of comforts in complete harmony with the island’s natural environment.








Mrs. Fotini fishing fagri


Pitcher from the excavations of Partheni



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