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In Leros you will find many hotels, rooms, studios and apartments in the main tourist resorts on the island. during the middle of August Leros becomes very busy because is the peak holiday month for Greeks and Italians and Leros as well has a high traffic of tourists, it is advisable to book early your accommodation for that period. During the other months of the summer season there is no problem to find accommodation in Leros because the island is not a package tourism spot like Santorini, Paros, Ios,  Mykonos, Rhodes and other tourist islands..

For some hotels, mainly in Alinda, you can book your accommodation from various travel agencies and some web sites, but you can search as well by yourself as long as you are on the island because Leros is small and you will always find a hotel or a self catering room or apartment. Often in the port of Lakki and Agia Marina you will find owners of hotels and rooms who are offering accommodation.

The most popular resorts is Alinda, Panteli, Krithoni and Vromolithos in Xirokampos there is also one camping. Some hotels are open all year around.

In recent years the island has developed a good tourist infrastructure and modern tourist facilities including hotels that offering business and conferences facilities, swimming pools and gyms and the once in the past humble rooms to let have been developed in full self catering studios with all modern facilities. Leros island is ideal for families with children and there are many accommodations near the beaches where children can engage in swimming and fishing all day. In Alinda, Panteli, Lakki and Xirokampos there are playgrounds, basketball courts and football stadiums.

Information regarding Companies, Hotels etc. *

Αλιντα - Alinta Βρομολιθος - Vromolithos Λακκι - Lakki
Παντέλι - Panteli Κριθωνι - Krithoni Μπλεφουτι - Mplefouti
Πλάτανος - Platanos Σπηλια - Spilia Ξηροκαμπος -Xirokambos
Αγια Μαρινα - Ag. Marina Γουρνα - Gourna Δρυμωνας - Drimonas
* The owners are solely responsible for the information provided regarding their establishments. Information have been taken from "The Municipality and the Hotels Owners' Association of Leros Present the Island of Diana L'EROS" booklet. Additional information has been provided by owners of the companies.


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